J Harmony

The 19 year old Chicago Native goes by the name of J Harmony. This up and coming R&B artist attracts the likes of many and ignores the hate from few. J Harmony believes in creating music unlike any other artist with a dash of commericial flow. According to J Harmony "Nowadays you must have a somewhat commercial flow in order to stay relevant in the game". J Harmony is not your ordinary R&B artist, heck he's not even your regular artist. Each and every day J Harmony is striving to better him self artistically to gain the attention he greatly hungers for by the many potential fans out there. J Harmony just wants to put out great music with a great message with his catchy hooks and deep mind blowing lyrics. Thats all you need to know about this hit maker, the music says the rest!!
"For You" is now on iTunes, Spotify all that!!! :) #ForYou #Fans #JHarmony
Yoooo my home skillet biscuit @kahlamichelle  is dropping her new project April 21st!! 😄Support it when it drops! She is the next big thing in music history!! So proud!! #NewEraInRnB #RecoveryEP NewMusic
You dealing with a real R&B singer.
Sooooo “For You” is on @chrisbrownofficial blog @mechanicaldummyart I’m speechless!! 

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